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Source: Twitter

“Cornerstore Caroline” Called The Cops On Child For Sexually Assaulting Her But Surveillance Proves Otherwise

By Erica Diaz

You know her as "Corner Store Caroline"—but her name is Teresa Sue Klein and she's gone viral for being yet another in a long line of people to call the police on people of color for no reason.  

This time the person was a child, which is part of why the video has been shared so many times. Teresa seems shockingly determined to use the police as her personal butlers—but more on that later. 

The incident started at a small neighborhood store in Brooklyn, New York.  

Teresa leaned over a counter to reach for something. A moment later, a mother and two young children made their way behind Teresa. 

According to Klein, the young boy grabbed her. She argued with the boy's mother for a moment before pulling out her phone and calling the police—telling them that she was sexually assaulted by a child. 

A crowd began to form trying to get Teresa to go away and leave the child alone. Both children can be heard clearly scared and crying. 

The police responded 17 minutes after the call was made, but a report was not filed. 

A passerby got the call on video. 

He posted it to Facebook where it got over 5 million shares. There were millions more on Twitter.