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Source: Twitter

People Are Irate About The Tone Deaf Name Of A Cocktail At An Australian Bar—And We Can Totally See Why

By Erica Diaz

Little Jack Horner is a bar in Sydney Australia. 

It's not a huge brand and it's not owned by any major celebrities. You probably would never have even heard of it, had the bar not opted to go with a "unique" name for one of its drinks. 

And by "unique," we mean totally divisive and controversial, of course. 

It takes a lot for a drink name to be controversial enough that it becomes internet-infamous, but this one did it. 

The drink isn't being promoted or anything like that. It was just listed innocently among the other drink names on the menu. The cocktail is a citrusy mix made with tequila, and the bar decided a little bit of word play was in order. 

Rather than just call the drink tequila, they called it "To Kill Her." 

Nope, you did not read that wrong. 

In a time when people are bringing attention to cases where alcohol is involved in physical or sexual assault, and in a country with a shockingly high domestic violence rate—the bar called a drink "To Kill Her."

The tone-deaf award goes to...