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Source: Screenshot courtesy of Jackie Kennedy Malone/Facebook

High School Apologizes, Suspends Band Director For Half-Time Show Featuring Students Pointing Toy Guns At Cops

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

In a massive moment of poor taste orchestrated by the Mississippi high school band director, members of Forest Hill High School's band took to the field last Friday at an away game, brandishing toy guns and depicting a hostage scene during half-time.

The performance, captured in photo by Facebook user Jackie Kennedy Malone, has enraged the community of Jackson, Mississippi and the families of Brookhaven High School students, where the performance took place. 

Though the performance was said to be an interpretation of a scene from the Denzel Washington movie, John Q, it angered many— not only because of the violently shocking nature of seeing of children wielding guns on a high school campus but because the performance comes less than a week after two Brookhaven police officers (Zach Moak and James White) died by gunshot in the line of duty and the half-time performance featured students (some dressed as medical personnel) pointing guns at students dressed as police officers (specifically SWAT team members).