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Source: Twitter

A Banksy Painting Sells For Over $1 Million At Auction—And Then Promptly Shreds Itself In Front Of Stunned Crowd 😂

By John Sundholm

If there's one thing we know about Banksy, it's that when it comes to art world conventions, they give precisely zero you-know-whats!

Still, the art world is stunned after what may just be Banksy's most brilliant stunt of all.  

Banksy makes no bones about their disdain for the latter part of the "art vs. commerce" debate. They even made a documentary (mockumentary?...both?) derisively called Exit Through the Gift Shop that is, at least in part, about that topic. 

So the epic troll they pulled at Sotheby's auction house in London on Friday is right on-brand. Moments after one of their paintings sold for $1.4 million, it self-destructed.