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Source: CBC

Teacher's Quiz Causes Outrage For Separating Extremist Views Into 'Left' And 'Right' Sides

By Erica Diaz

A Canadian school board is trying to get to the bottom of a mystery. 

One grade 10 social studies teacher sent home an assignment that plenty of parents—both liberal and conservative leaning—are claiming was outright incorrect and offensive. 

Liberal and Conservative are also the names of political parties in Canada, but the reference here is to traditionally right wing and left wing political ideologies and not a reference to the Canadian political parties of the same name.

The homework assignment was simple enough. The page listed a viewpoint and the children had to decide if this was a "left wing" view, a centrist view or a "right wing" view. 

Unfortunately, that simplicity may be its downfall.

The ten-question worksheet, titled Political Spectrum Case Studies, alarmed some students and parents enough that they complained to administration. 

Though the worksheet gave the option of choosing "Left, Centre, or Right," the answer key showed "Centre" was not the correct response to any of the questions. 

Many who identify as conservative leaning or right wing felt that the sheet and answers painted them in a terrible light. 

But some of the ideas listed as liberal leaning or left wing were not much better.

Take a look at the questions and correct answers as given by the teacher.