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Source: Instagram | Mimi N

This Artist's Dark Take On Society Through Illustrations Is Just Too Real

By Dana Levinson

Mimi N is an artist heading up the SUN Project, a series of illustrations by a collective of artists which aim to elucidate themes of depression, anxiety, and inner turmoil associated with living in our modern world. The laser like precision that the images have in turn provides a clarity of storytelling that almost anyone can relate to.

Mimi N told Bored Panda...

"I've been drawing since 2007 and I started out by making comics as part of my epilepsy therapy."

She went on...

"I just draw what I love, [the] boundary between life and death, beauty and ugliness, smiles and sadness. I love exploring [different] art styles and fashion trends." 

The occasionally macabre drawings are both evocative and thrilling.

There's the recurring theme of our attachment to technology...