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Source: Twitter

Beef Company Steak-umm Defends Millennials In Bizarre Yet Spot-On Twitter Monologue

By Erica Diaz

Some companies just have a great social media presence. Wendy's really changed the game when its social media team embraced the sassy snark of this generation. Some companies, on the other hand, totally miss the mark, like military weapons companies asking for pictures of their products in use (yup, it happened and yup, it totally backfired.) Then there are other companies we don't even really think about when we talk about social media presence. That last category is where Steak-umm fell ... until a few days ago. 

Wednesday afternoon Steak-umm posted a very out-of-character and out-of-nowhere Twitter thread outlining millenial angst and lonliness. It was intense, and Twitter is a little worried. You ready? Here we go.

Source: Twitter