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Source: Screenshot MSNBC Video Clip Twitter

Trump Supporter Tells Her Teen Daughters That Men Groping Women Is 'No Big Deal' During Live Interview

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

In what may very well be one of the most head-shaking-surely-she-didn't-just-say-that? moment ever caught on camera by a reporter, a misguided mother just told her daughters and the world that men groping women without their consent (what Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is accused of) is "no big deal."

Speaking to MSNBC, the staunch President Trump supporter doubled down on her assertion, claiming that even if the allegations of sexual assault (which, as of this morning, have now been leveled by four different women) are true against Kavanaugh that it: 

  . . . doesn’t take away from his character and his job to do what he needs to do as a Supreme Court nominee.

Clearly someone should explain the definition of the term "character" to this woman, while also explaining what the Code of Conduct Requirements for a United States Judge (particularly Canon 2 and its subsections) are.