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Source: Twitter

Rudy Giuliani Under Fire For Posing With Controversial White Nationalist Candidate

By Dana Levinson

Rudy Giuliani is the former Mayor of New York City and current lawyer for President Trump in the Russia investigation. Because of those high profile jobs, he should probably be a little more careful not to take photos with known white supremacists. Faith Goldy is a far right wing YouTube personality turned Toronto Mayoral candidate who has peddled white nationalism and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

On Tuesday, she tweeted...

The caption reads...

"An honour to meet with America’s Mayor while on the campaign trail.  I can’t wait to become Canada’s Mayor!  Just like Giuliani cleaned up the streets of NYC, our tough on crime playbook is going to run illegal guns & gangs right out of Toronto!  #FaithForMayor #BlueLivesMatter" 

Goldy covered the Charlottesville Rally for a right wing Canadian media organization called Rebel Media, but was fired after going on the air for an interview about it with the known neo-Nazi outlet The Daily Stormer. She also urged people to read an anti-Semitic book about 'eliminating the Jewish menace' written by a prominent Romanian fascist leader. Giuliani has yet to comment on why or how the photo-op happened.

But people seemed unsurprised...