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Source: Screenshot USA Today

74-Year-Old Man Found Sitting On Couch Five Days After Massive Apartment Fire 😮

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

Five days after a fire at a senior living facility in Washington, D.C., 74-year-old Raymond Holton was found in his apartment by a crew looking into the safety of the structure. Five days later! 

Last week, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser confirmed all residents were accounted for. Clearly, she was wrong. 

Bowser now says officials are re-verifying all residents are truly accounted for. 

She added:

[A search] where they bang on doors, check apartments etc. was done in the complex last week, however, [they] cannot say specifically what happened to this particular unit.

During the search, the Edgewood Management Company provided a list of residents, but Holton's name didn't show up. 

Even after all he had been through, Holton was in good spirits after being discovered. He said he'd had enough water but was running out of food. He had some minor injuries and was taken to a hospital for evaluation, but was in good shape. His niece, who had no idea what had happened, was contacted.