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Source: Twitter / @BBCAfrica

BBC News Africa Completely Dismantles Cameroon's Denial That Viral Video Of Women And Children Getting Murdered Happened There

By Alex Maxx

A graphic video showing two women and their two children being murdered, shot at point-blank range by men who appeared to be soldiers, went viral recently. The men were thought to be part of the Cameroonian military, but Cameroonian government dismissed these claims, even calling it “fake news” and claiming there was nothing that could prove these men were in the military.

But, instead of taking that answer and moving on, BBC News Africa decided to investigate -- and what they found is mind-blowing.

Both women, and one child are blindfolded and forced to kneel down on a dirt road. One has a toddler strapped to her back, while the second holds hands with a little girl. The three men accuse them of being a part of Boko Haram, a militant group, before opening fire.

BBC Africa Journalist Aliaume Leroy explained that the staff felt an obligation to seek justice in this case, and bring those responsible to light:

"We thought it was very important, you know, to work on this video to verify it and to prove who were the perpetrators.”

Here is the thread published by BBC Africa: