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Source: Reddit

Bride Asks For Advice After Mother-In-Law Basically Buys Wedding Dress To Wear To Her Wedding 😮

By Erica Diaz

The proverbial power struggle between the bride and the mother of the groom is the stuff of movie legend. There have been more terrible mother-of-the-groom characters than we can count, but it's possible nobody did it better than Jane Fonda in the movie Monster In Law. The movie racked up a bunch of laughs, but one Reddit bride is finding her monster-in-law story to be far less funny than the Fonda film. 

Admittedly, the groom's mother doesn't seem to be doing anything overtly wicked, but she's definitely pushed some buttons by essentially insisting on wearing a wedding dress to the event, even though the bride has already told her the dress isn't appropriate. The bride turned to Reddit, where people were initially pretty sympathetic to mom even though they agreed the dress was a mistake. When the bride revealed a plot twist, though, people's thoughts on mom took a sharp turn. 

It's a long and complicated thread but, by the end, there are sequins, a passive-aggressive power struggle, and red wine somehow becomes a threat. 

Grab some popcorn and let's get this party started.