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Source: Raw Story

Owner Of A 'Muslim Free' Gun Shop Is Completely Owned After Unfounded Claims About The Civil War

By Dana Levinson

Andy Hallinan, owner of a 'Muslim-free gun shop' called Florida Gun Supply, was utterly stunned when confronted with a question about his views on the confederate flag for a new docu-series about Trayvon Martin entitled Rest in Power

Hallinan has been banned from YouTube over his anti-Muslim views. When the Council on American-Islamic Relations sued his gun shop discrimination, none other than George Zimmerman helped pay his legal bills by selling a painting of a confederate flag.

A clip from the interview can be seen below...

Hallinan can be heard saying...

"When you study the history, that was one thing that the war was about. People don’t go to war for one issue."

When the interviewer asks him to name three other issues that the south went to war for, Hallinan responds...

"I’m not a historian. I mean, you’re putting me on the spot for something I — you know."