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Source: Getty Images | Facebook

Mom Shares Frightening Warning About The Dangers Of Kissing Newborns

By Dana Levinson

Lucy Kendall and Jaz Miller are the proud parents of newborn baby Oliver. Most new parents are full of anxiety but, after 11 days, they noticed something wasn't right. Oliver stopped drinking milk rather abruptly and began moving away in pain when Lucy tried to to feed him. Lucy and Jaz became concerned and rushed Oliver to the hospital, which ended up being the right choice.

He was rushed into the high-dependency unit, and after eight days, he was diagnosed with herpes. Herpes is quite common in adults. Two thirds of the world carries the virus. There's genital herpes, of course, but there's also the extremely common oral herpes. Ever get a cold sore? You have herpes. Most contract the virus as children from things as simple as sharing a drink or a straw.

Lucy Kendall shared a post on Facebook about the ordeal.