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Source: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Shannen Doherty Weighs In On The Upcoming 'Charmed' Reboot Following Its Controversy

By Erica Diaz

If Charmed was your thing, then you're probably all caught up on the reboot drama — but in case you're not, here's the lowdown. Years ago, the network actively blocked Charmed from continuing. Recently, they've decided it's time to bring back the show. Unfortunately, they marketed the new show as a "feminist twist" on the original — which was itself considered a groundbreakingly feminist show. Not only were the lead characters women and warriors, but the actresses themselves and many female writers, producers, etc. had real say in what happened behind the scenes. 

According to members of the original crew, Charmed was actually empowering for women, and the network that blocked it from continuing was now using "feminism" solely as a marketing tool. Then, the marketing team started to imply that age was an issue and the original actresses were just too old to be involved. Understandably, a few of the original cast and crew were not happy with how things were being handled, and they weren't afraid to say so - particularly Holly Marie Combs.

Source: Giphy