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Source: Neal Preston / Warner Bros. Pictures

Lady Gaga Made A Powerful Statement About How Real-Life Addiction And Fame Relate To 'A Star Is Born'

By Dana Levinson

When the most recent remake of A Star is Born was announced, it was met with wide-skepticism. After all, it is the third remake of the 1937 classic which starred Janet Gaynor. Then there was the Judy Garland version in 1954, and the Barbra Streisand version in 1976. Did we really need a new one? Well, the reviews are in and the answer seems to be... yes. 

The newest version starring Lady Gaga as Ally, the struggling musician who is launched to fame by Jackson Maine, played by Bradley Cooper, has been getting rave reviews. Ally's ascension mirrors Jackson's self-destruction as his battle with addiction quickly becomes a losing one. Lady Gaga has also been earning rave reviews for her performance, and with that, a fair amount of Oscar buzz.

But it's Gaga's comments at the Toronto International Film Festival, where A Star Is Born is having its gala premiere, that are currently drawing headlines. She was asked during the TIFF press conference for the film about how struggles with addiction affect artists, and where is the responsibility of those who love them to step in. 

She responded, saying...

"I think what would be wonderful, not just for artists but for the whole world, is that we intervene early in life when we see people struggling."

She went on...

"I think that fame is very unnatural. It’s important that we guide artists and take care of them on a psychological level as they begin to rise. Because everything changes. The truth is, people think that we change, but it’s not us that changes, it’s everyone around us that changes. I think that intervening early, teaching people about kindness, teaching people about compassion, teaching people about how to reach out and be there for someone, even when they don’t even know that they’re sad — it might be so deep that can’t even pinpoint it — I think that that’s very important."

She also had this to say on the subject on the red carpet...