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Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Vanilla Ice Tweeted About Being Stuck On An Airplane And His Fans Came Through With Some 'Ice Ice Baby' Themed Advice

By Erica Diaz

Vanilla Ice is one of those celebrities who's sort of famous just for being himself. His music career made him infamous, his reality TV shows followed much the same path — they were incredibly popular and then just vanished. He's been arrested for some "interesting" stuff — like stealing furniture from a neighbor's house. But through it all, he just keeps coming back. He's doing it again right now thanks to his unforgettable lyrics and the magic of Twitter ... and an airplane full of incredibly sick people. 

Not that long ago there was a flight from Dubai that landed in New York and needed to be quarantined. Over 100 people aboard the plane had gotten sick with symptoms like coughing, fever and vomiting. Once the flight landed, somewhere between 10 and 20 of those people needed medical attention, with several ending up in the hospital. 

Guess who was aboard that flight? Good ol' Rob Van Winkle himself — or as most people probably know him, Vanilla Ice.