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Source: YouTube

Oscar Isaac Is All About Keeping Poe's Love Life 'Fluid' In 'Star Wars'โ€”And We Couldn't Agree More ๐Ÿ™

By John Sundholm

If you think you've got all the answers about Poe Dameronโ€™s love life, guess again!

The Star Wars character simply refuses to be tied down, according to the actor who portrays him, Oscar Isaac. Isaac recently chatted with HuffPost on the set of his next film, Operation Finale, about his beloved Star Wars character and the mountain of speculation about his romantic life that constantly ripples through the filmsโ€™ fan community. 

As authority on all things sci-fi and โ€œnerd cultureโ€ io9 recently pointed out, Pablo Hidalgoโ€™s Star Wars: The Last Jedi โ€• The Visual Dictionary, the official guidebook to the film, states that Poeโ€™s character wears a ring that belonged to his mother, which heโ€™s โ€œwaiting to share... someday with the right partner.โ€