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Climate Scientists Reveal The Places They'd Live In The US To Avoid A Natural Disaster

By Alex Maxx

Natural disasters are at an all-time high, 2017 marking a new record for natural disasters in the United States. During those 12 months, there were 16 catastrophic weather events, which had a huge impact on the communities and cities they affected. 

Those 16 events resulted in more than $306 billion in damages. 

2018 is predicted to be less severe, although six storms generated more than $1 billion in damages before the end of July. 

Scientists have found that climate change has a massive influence on natural disasters and other events, such as heavy rains, droughts, and heat waves. But, as much as scientists have learned about this over the past decade or so, there is still a ton of research being done on the connection between natural disasters, and climate change.

All things considered, some are beginning to question the safety and security of the area that they live in. 

11 climatologists were asked where they would move to avoid climate change as much as possible – and of course, no area is completely safe – but some places are on the safer side, especially compared to others that face a ton of potential for danger and damages.  

Here are some of the cities that were recommended: