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Source: Instagram

Someone Stole $40,000 Worth Of Rare And Extremely Deadly Bugs—And Most Of Them Are Still Missing 😱

By Dana Levinson

Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion was burglarized... excuse us... buglarized this past weekend. The culprits made off with over $40,000 worth of insects and lizards, many of them dangerously venomous. The museum says that they stole approximately 7,000 animals, which constitute up to 90% of their exhibition.

The New York Times states...

"Security cameras around the pavilion recorded several people creeping out of the museum last week with plastic containers holding giant African mantises, bumblebee millipedes, warty glowspot roaches, tarantulas, dwarf and tiger hissers, and leopard geckos."

Additionally, they report...

"Electric-blue staff uniforms hung from knives that had been stabbed into a wall."

Because of this, police speculate that this was an inside job.

And just in case you thought you were going to sleep tonight...

"The police have returned a handful of insects and a Mexican fireleg tarantula to the insectarium. But a six-eyed sand spider, one of the most venomous of its kind in the world, is still missing."

Some couldn't resist jokes...