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Source: Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Christian Theologian Has A Blunt Warning For Trump's Evangelical Supporters

By Dana Levinson

President Trump is criticized for being a fan of demagoguery, political expediency, scapegoating and outright lying to bolster support among his fans and distract from real issues facing the United States. All charges that come with some pretty compelling evidence from the President's own words and actions.

This includes lying about a $130,000 payout possibly made with campaign funds during the 2016 election to an adult film actress, writer and director to cover up their alleged 2006 affair. And another $150,000 payout made for him by David Pecker at the National Enquirer to a former model to also hide their alleged affair.

President Trump was married to Melania at the time of both affairs. Infidelity by Trump also contributed to his divorce from his first wife Ivana. His second wife, Marla, refuses to comment on Trump's faithfulness during their marriage.

However, President Donald Trump's most devoted followers are White evangelical Christians.

Despite the Bible condemning adultery and bearing false witness while promoting charity and compassion to the foreigner—Trump's personal behavior and political actions have not stopped White evangelicals from supporting the President more strongly than any other voting demographic in the United States.

Because of this unwavering devotion, evangelical Christians get special attention from the President and Vice President Mike Pence in return. Like special dinners with the POTUS and FLOTUS at the White House.