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Source: Getty Images

Pet Owners Are Intentionally Injuring Their Animals To Get Opioid Prescriptions, FDA Warns

By Alex Maxx

Some people are willing to do almost anything to get their hands on prescription drugs - and that includes injuring their own pets to obtain medication from veterinarians. 

Both the Drug Enforcement Agency and Food and Drug Administration are issuing warnings, advising doctors and veterinarians to be cautious of people who might be abusing their animals for the sake of narcotics.

Heather Pereira of Elizabethtown, Kentucky admitted to slicing into her retriever, Alice, with razors more than once, so she could get prescription painkillers. 

She went to two seperate animal hospitals, one of which was the Elizabethtown Animal Hospital, who suspected that something was up. Doctors phoned the police, believing the injuries to be interntional, and not believing the supposed stories of how she got them, which was apparently from rubbing up against a broken gutter. 

Alice had also required medical attention three times in a span of two months.