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Source: Packer Family Photography

Photo Of Baby Surrounded By All The IVF Needles It Took To Conceive Her Is Extremely Powerful

By Alex Maxx

Having a child isn't always easy. Some people become pregnant within a few months of trying and some become pregnant on accident. For many others, however, conceiving a child is an expensive, time-consuming, and tiring process. 

Kimberly and Patricia O'Neill spent more than four years trying to get pregnant, enduring three miscarriages and thousands of in vitro fertilization shots — 1,616 to be exact — before Patricia gave birth to a healthy baby girl named London. 

She admitted that there were a lot more needles than she could've ever imagined:

I never anticipated there would be so many needles.

The couple did something amazing to celebrate their daughter and the process behind it. 

Samantha Packer, of Packer Family Photography based in Arizona, photographed London at a mere two weeks. She took a bunch of photos one would expect from a typical newborn photoshoot. 

Some included eager and excited new mothers Patricia and Kimberly:

Source: Packer Family Photography