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Source: AP via PJ Media

San Francisco Paying $184,000 To People Willing To Take A Literal Crap Job

By Collin Gossel

San Francisco's homeless crisis may be improving, but the city is still struggling to rehabilitate and deal with the consequences of its 7,400 homeless residents. The very natural need to go the bathroom results in an excess of feces on San Francisco's streets. To help combat this problem, the city has announced the formation of a "Poop Patrol" that will scour the city for fecal matter, clean it up, and be paid for their efforts.

The Poop Patrol will comprise five people working through the San Francisco Department of Public Works. With a steamer in hand to clean whatever sidewalks require it, the group will focus most of their efforts on Tenderloin, the neighborhood where almost half of San Francisco's homeless people live. The city has received over 14,500 calls to 311 regarding poop on the streets.