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Source: Photo: Mark Thornberry

This Cancer Patient Was Told He Had Months To Live--He Decided To Run A 140-Mile Marathon Instead

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

Mark Thornberry a 57-year-old man  from Ashtead in Surrey, England wasn't about to let something like a terminal liver cancer diagnosis stop him from completing the Grand Union Canal a 145-mile run from Whitehaven dock in the North West to Tynemouth castle.   

Thornberry, whose ability to keep running despite his prognosis, has doctors a bit baffled. His doctors had given him a grim prognosis saying in all likelihood he would be dead by March. Here is is August and he is still going strong telling Express UK:

I am still alive! Having ‘beaten’ my original prognosis of six to nine months, I’ve definitely got the medics stroking their chins. I am returning to the Canal ‪on Saturday to run the ‘official’ race - the one I couldn’t do last May due to commencing treatment - 145 miles, but as a single stage, continuous race. 

Also on Thornberry's agenda is to raise some serious cash for the hospital treating his cancer. He has already raised £80,000 for the King's College Hospital Charity Fund. You can donate here.