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Source: Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Nicole Kidman Looks Very Different Playing "Real Middle-Aged Woman" In New Film

By Dana Levinson

Nicole Kidman, who hit her first of many career peaks in the 1990s, has been enjoying a resurgence of late. There's Big Little Lies, as well as The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and The Beguiled. But a new role is catching fans' attention. Kidman plays an Los Angeles Police Department undercover cop in director Karyn Kusama's upcoming Destroyer.

A first glimpse at Kidman in the role appeared in Vanity Fair this past Tuesday:

Source: Vanity Fair

Kusama said about Kidman's look:

We always knew that what we wanted her to look like was a real middle-aged woman with a past that she wears on her face.

She went on:

With sun damage and sleep deprivation and stress and rage, just in her whole physical body.