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Source: CBC

Justin Trudeau Isn't Backing Down After Calling Out Woman's 'Racism' At Political Event

By Alex Maxx

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau is defending himself for calling a woman a racist after she asked him about immigration during a recent political event.  

There has been a mixed response to how Trudeau handled things. Some people have praised the prime minister for shutting the woman down, while others criticized him and said he skirted around the question. Trudeau is standing behind the comment he made, and said he isn't afraid to speak out when people are attempting to "push politics of fear and indeed, intolerance."

Trudeau said it is one of his obligations as prime minister:

That's something Canadians expect of me.

Trudeau was speaking on Thursday at a corn roast in Sabrevois, Quebec, about 30 miles from Montreal. 

One woman, who has since been identified as Diane Blain, shouted at the prime minister from the crowd, asking about $146 million related to immigrants entering the country.

She initially asked:

When will you give back the $146 million to Quebec? I'd like your response. I'm a senior, and I'd like a response.

Trudeau responded:

Madam, thank you for being here this evening, thank you very much for your support. I'm very happy to have you here. You ask what we can deliver for seniors. Madam, we delivered an increase in the guaranteed income supplement of $1,000 per month, by $1,000 per year, for seniors on their own, the most vulnerable.

After some back and forth, Blain repeated the question:

Answer me, I want to know when you will give us back the $146 million that we paid for your illegal immigrants.