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Source: Screenshot Cardi B MTV VMAs/YouTube

Cardi B Totally Faked Out VMA Viewers Who Thought They Would Catch A Glimpse Of Baby Kulture 😂

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Channeling her inner sprite in a pixie cut and a high-slit, plunging velvet-fuchsia colored gown by Nicolas Jebran, Rapper Cardi B, in her first appearance since the birth of her baby girl, Kulture teased the MTV Video Music Awards' crowd with a "little surprise... ." 

In the award show's opener, Cardi B, with her back to the crowd and on a darkened stage, turns around as the lights come up to reveal a light pink swaddled up blanket, cuddled close to her body, igniting the hopes of many dying to catch a glimpse of the "Empress's" new little bundle of joy with Rapper Offset. 

Instead, what she offered was a lame joke about a slow internet connection that fell flat and the revelation of a Moon Man ensconced in the soft pink blankie.