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Source: Getty Images

Doctors Get The Shock Of A Lifetime After Finding 28-Year-Old Contact Lens Stuck In Woman's Eye

By Alex Maxx

A 42-year-old woman in the U.K. had painful swelling and drooping in her left eyelid. Something was amiss so she went to the doctors office. It was then she and the doctors discovered the source of the pain: a contact lens that had gotten stuck in her eye — 28 years ago.

She had a mysterious pea-sized lump that continues to swell, and as a result she had slight drooping in her upper eyelid, also known as ptosis. Doctors identified the lump as a cyst through an MRI, and soon after, the woman had surgery to get it removed. 

Doctors removed the cyst, as planned, but once it was out, it ruptured.  Wrapped inside the cyst was a cracked contact lens.

The lens was embedded in the cyst, in the soft tissue of the eyelid. Despite it being there for almost three decades, she never experienced any redness, or anything else that might've suggested she had a contact lens lodged in her eye.

Modern contacts are soft lenses, as opposed to this one, which was an older, harder, and more uncomfortably rigid gas permeable lens. Because these lenses aren't regularly used anymore, doctors realized this must be an old old. The patient told them she was 14-years-old the last time she wore a lens like that. She was playing badminton, and a birdie smacked her in the face.