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Source: Cosmopolitan

49-Year-Old Mother Of Two Details How Her Transgender Son Inspired Her To Donate Her Uterus

By Alex Maxx

More than 150,000 teenagers identify as transgender across the United States. These teens, ages 13–17, make up the highest percentage of self-identified transgender individuals. But, despite that, a lot of them don't receive support from their parents. 

Approximately 40% of homeless youth — about 640,000 children and teens — are LGBTQ. Of those children, 46% run away because their family refused and rejected their gender identity or sexual orientation, and 43% were thrown out of the house by their own parents.

Silvia Park from Charlottesville, Virginia, was not one of those parents. 

Instead, the mother of two had unwavering support for her transgender son from the moment he came out. The now 21-year-old told her he was transgender at 16, simply saying, "I'm a boy," as the two of them drove in her car. 

Park was shocked and initially speechless, but supportive:

I had no doubt my husband and I would support him as a transgender man—a person who transitions from a female birth assignment.
Source: Silvia Park