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Source: Screenshot Video Pittie Nation

Video Of Pit Bull Who Screams Like A Person Is Our New Favorite Thing 😂

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

Mo the screaming American Staffordshire Terrier is melting hearts all over the internet with his unique scream.

It all started when a woman in Arizona, Kristin Allen, noticed a stray dog across the street from her house in a park. The friendly pit bull approached her with his tail wagging so Allen brought him inside. Not sure what to do with the underfed and extremely dirty pup, Allen allowed the dog to stay. She fell asleep that night, waking up the next morning to Mo sleeping with his head on her shoulder. She immediately recorded a video saying, "So this is happening."

Allen wanted to be fair to anyone who may have previously owned Mo, so she took him to the shelter to give owners a chance to come forward. Mo didn't do well, falling ill and becoming depressed. That's when Allen said "enough." She gave the owners one more day and when they didn't claim Mo, she took him home.