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Source: Instagram

Woman's 'Saggy Boobs' Instagram Post Unwittingly Gave Birth To A Global Women's Empowerment Movement 🔥

By Robert Acosta

Chidera Eggerue, a famous blogger who goes by the name "The Slumflower," recently made waves on Instagram with a social awareness movement centered around an oft-discussed part of the female anatomy. 

#SAGGYBOOBSMATTER Makeup by @the_brooksbrother

A post shared by Chidera Eggerue (@theslumflower) on

Eggerue posted in May the above photo of herself. At the last minute, feeling slightly unsure of her appearance and aware of the critical eye of the internet, she took it upon herself to create the hashtag #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER, hoping to protect herself from any haters. 

Eggerue told Mashable:

Somehow I chose to enter on the caption #SaggyBoobsMatter. I didn't know at the time that I was starting a movement, I was just expressing that saggy boobs actually matter.