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Source: Twitter / @hamdia_ahmed

The Gap's Newest Back-To-School Ads Featuring Diverse Kids Have The Internet Cheering ❤️

By Alex Maxx

For a long time, advertising campaigns lacked equal representation, and were anything but diverse. Flipping through magazines, catching a television spot for a back-to-school sale, and odds are, most of the models would be fair-skinned and slim. 

Things have improved in recent years, with companies like Aerie and Dove featuring models of all shapes, sizes, and skin colors. Aerie launched one of the most diverse campaigns last month, featuring a young woman in a wheelchair, and women with diabetes, vitiligo, arm crutches, ostomy, body hair, chronic illness, and Down's syndrome.

Slowly, but surely, things are changing for the better. Representation in the media is on an upclimb, and a recent back-to-school campaign is contributing to that.

Gap debuted their back-to-school advertising campaign a couple of weeks ago, and it immedietly attention. 

Check out the video from the advert here: