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Source: Daily Mail

Groom Interrupts His Beach Wedding Photoshoot To Save Drowning Teen

By Erica Diaz

Zac and Cindy Edwards have the absolute best wedding day story ever. Their Alabama beach wedding was beautiful. They exchanged vows surrounded by family and friends — and then Zac ripped off his shirt and dove into the ocean. 

This wasn't some frat-boy dare, though. Zac, a Coast Guard petty officer, was posing with his new bride for some post-ceremony pictures when someone else on the beach shouted. They spotted a young man struggling in the water. It was a "red flag" day at the beach, meaning there were incredibly strong currents. The young man had been boogie boarding and got pulled out. He was struggling to keep his head above water while being jostled by the powerful currents. If you're not too familiar with the power of the ocean, it can be easy to underestimate it. 


Currents can move whales, suck in buildings, push ships...there's no way to fight it for long. If the current pulls you, you're going.