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Source: Screenshot YouTube Karissa Pukas

YouTube Star Karissa Pukas Issues Warning To Fans, Says Breast Implants Were Making Her 'Chronically Sick'

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Beauty, fashion, and health and fitness vlogger Karissa Pukas has been glamming it up for us for the past eight years on YouTube but her latest video is not very glamorous at all.

Published July 28, "The Truth About Breast Implants" is best summed up in its caption:

My breast implants were making me chronically sick - here is my story.

In the nearly 45-minute video, Pukas pieces together four years' worth of on-camera confessions about her health struggles, detailing her process and the realization that her implants were to blame.

Pukas underwent breast augmentation in 2014, a timeline that became the marker for the onset of her mysterious and seemingly unrelated health issues.