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Source: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Kind Stranger Pays For Woman's Groceries—And Then She Finds Out It Was Actually Ludacris ❤️

By Erica Diaz

Therra Jaramillo's life has been falling apart lately. She had lost her husband to brain cancer and was solely responsible for taking care of their home, their rescue animals, her disabled brother, and herself. She was doing fine until a major home repair coincided with a lost check from a company. Things were bad enough that she was forced to ration gas and cook rice for her and the animals to eat. A friend sent Therra a gift card to help her buy groceries, but that gift card ended up doing so much more. It was the catalyst that started a chain of events so unbelievable that even Therra is having a hard time believing it.

While she was in line, some of her items got mixed in with the stuff belonging to the person in front of her. He casually offered to just pay for it, and the two struck up a conversation. As they talked, he noticed her trying to sort through things since she had overspent the amount on the gift card. The kind stranger wasn't having it. He insisted on paying for everything and told Therra he thought it was sweet that she rescued animals even though she was already struggling with so much.