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Source: YouTube / euronews

Police Kill 20-Year-Old Man With Down's Syndrome Who Was Holding Toy Gun

By Alex Maxx

Police shot a 20-year-old man with Down's Syndrome, Eric Torell, to death because he was carrying a fake, plastic gun. 

Torell left his home in the middle of the night, and his father Rickard Torell noticed that a toy gun was missing, along with his son:

"I went out and looked for him. I saw police cars on the street.

Officers in Stockholm, Sweden believed it to be an actual firearm, and opened fire. Torell was showing the replica plastic gun to some of his neighbors, who also mistook it as a gun, and called the police. Three officers shot him in the stomach, claiming the situation felt "threatening."

He was rushed to the hospital, but died from his injuries.