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This Man's Dedication To Flicking Off Google Street View Is Going Viral

By Erica Diaz

Google Street View is one of those technologies that people love, and love to hate. It's handy, that's for sure. But, to a lot of people, it feels like an invasion of privacy. 

Being "inappropriate" to Google Street View cameras isn't exactly a new trend. People have been mooning the cameras, holding up signs, and generally being hilariously annoying since this whole thing started. One man in Australia, however, is putting the rest of the Google Street View hecklers to shame. His commitment has Reddit more than a little bit impressed.  To see our intrepid hero, just hop onto Google maps, zip on over to Australia, head to Brisbane, zoom in towards the center of town, and focus on Queen Street near the Cathedral of St. Stephen and Apple Brisbane.

 Once you're there, switch to street view and you'll see this guy. 


You can follow him for close to 15 glorious frames worth of flickery. We don't know if he's purposefully following the camera, but he seems to be pretty determined to let the world (or at least Google) see how he feels about it.