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Source: Twitter / @TNLUK

Couple's $75.5 Million Dollar Ticket Torn In Half And Thrown In The Trash By Store Clerk

By Alex Maxx

We've all been there: searching for something important and realizing we tossed it out and deemed it trash by accident. Maybe it was a pair of keys, or an important doctor's note – regardless, it was something we wouldn't want to lose.

Fred and Lesley Higgins of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, almost had that happen earlier this month thanks to a local shop clerk. And it almost cost them over $75 million. 

The retired couple bought a ticket for Camelot's EuroMillions Lottery, and Fred, 67, brought their ticket to a store to check if he won. 

He described what happened next:

"I handed the ticket over and the young man put it through the machine, telling me it wasn't a winner. He ripped the ticket in two and threw it into the bin, as they would with all non-winning tickets."

Sounds like the average disappointing lotto lose, right? 


Once the employee ripped up the ticket and tossed it, a message was printed out, that told Fred he needed to hold on to his ticket and call Camelot. 

Fred grabbed the ticket out from the trash can, called and officials double-checked that the ripped ticket was his. It was confirmed to be the winning ticket!

"I wasn't ever concerned that we wouldn't get the money as I knew it was an honest mistake – it just had to be looked at to make sure everything was correct."

 What are the odds of that?