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Source: Getty Images

Massachusetts City's Entire Police Force Decides To Suddenly Resign 😮

By Alex Maxx

People often feel unappreciated at work. They might talk about their feelings to the rest of the team, or maybe even a boss, and try to find some sort of solution. But, for a four-man police department in Blandford, Massachussets, feeling unappreciated in the line of duty meant resigning all at once, without notice.

The officers said they would no longer work for a "town that seemingly cares so little" about them. One of the things the department was distraught over was their forced merging with the town of Chester in an attempt to save money.

They said the following in an official statement:

We refuse to put our lives on the line anymore for a town that seemingly cares so little about us.

The four officers resigned in a mass email to the community board on Monday, and mentioned being underpaid, understaffed, facing a ton of safety hazards, and having insufficient equipment. 

Blandford Select-Board Chair Cara Letendre said that the email caught the board off guard:

Honestly, it was a surprise for us that the police chose to walk out.