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Source: Land O'Lakes

The New CEO Of Land O' Lakes Is Making Fortune 500 History In The Best Way ❤️

By B. Miller

Over the last few years, America has seen a surge of women seizing power. From the Women's March after Trump's election to the fight to end the wage gap to the #MeToo movement, women are finally taking the lead in important conversations.

This is proving especially true in the business world. Long gone are the days when women felt confined to being housewives if that wasn't their dream. We now live in a world where, on August 1, 25 women will be CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

And this past Thursday one woman made history. Beth Ford just accepted a promotion from Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Land O'Lakes Inc. to CEO. Not only is Beth a woman, but she is an openly gay woman. She will be the first openly gay woman, and one of only three openly gay people, currently serving as CEOs of their Fortune 500 companies.