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Source: Tim Boyle/Getty Images, @justinjm1/Twitter

This Bizarre Story Of How An Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald's Monopoly Game, Stealing Millions, Is Mind-Blowing 😮

By B. Miller

Jerome Jacobson is a former cop with a less-than-easy past. His ex-wife introduced him to the world of private security, where he ended up making his career as the overseer of production at Simon Marketing — the company that produced McDonald's legendary Monopoly Game pieces. 

These game pieces could be collected and redeemed for prizes, but thanks to Jacobson, the chances of winning weren't fair.

The Daily Beast's Jeff Maysh wrote a detailed account of the entire sting operation. The story is complicated, but captivating and thrilling. It includes details of Jerome Jacobson's various ways of making money off of selling winning game pieces. The story includes characters from every walk of life, including mobsters and Mormons.

The fraud began in 1989 and didn't end until September 10, 2001. The ploy ended the day before the 9/11 attack. Due to the date of its completion the case was soon forgotten, but Maysh's recent recount of the swindle has brought about new fascination.