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Source: Getty Images

Broadway Star Alysha Umphress Calls Out New York Times Critic For 'Ugly' Body Shaming Review

By Alex Maxx

People are standing behind Alysha Umphress, an actress, singer, and theater star who was ridiculed for her size in a recent review of her show, "Smokey Joe’s Cafe: The Songs of Leiber and Stoller," in the New York Times.

Laura Collins-Hughes published a review of the off-Broadway show on Sunday, July 22.

Among critiques of music, staging, and scenes throughout the show, she made a point of mentioning that Alysha Umphress — who has been in Broadway productions such as "American Idiot" and "On the Town" — wasn't wearing the proper costume for a woman her size.

The following quote is what sparked the body-shaming scandal:

Ms. Umphress, by the way, is bigger than the other women onstage, and the costume designer, Alejo Vietti, doesn’t seem to have known how to work with that, dressing her in an unnecessarily unflattering way. He does better with the skimpy, yet not overly revealing, pink fringe outfit Emma Degerstedt wears, and jiggles in, for the leering number “Teach Me How to Shimmy.”