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Source: Twitter: @brentcizekphoto

Single Duck Foster Mom Extraordinaire Appears To Have Adopted At Least 76 Baby Ducklings 😍

By Koh Mochizuki

Amateur wildlife photographer Brent Cizek was blown away back in June when he witnessed a female duck in Minnesota leading a brood of 50 ducklings. 

Cizek was on a trip to Lake Bemidji, 150 miles northwest of Duluth, and was experiencing a rather uneventful day that didn't warrant anything worth photographing. Spotting the 50 ducklings was a darling discovery, but it was only a primer for the major reveal.

The photographer returned to the lake again later in the month and found that the number of ducklings waddling after their hen had increased to 76. 

Cizek immediately started snapping pictures of the phenomena. Yale University ornithologist Richard O. Prum commented on the photo, saying, "It’s an extraordinary sighting."