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Source: @Frenchycam/Twitter

Video Of Ambulance Getting Parking Ticket While Paramedics Stop To Get Water Sparks Debate

By Koh Mochizuki

A traffic warden in Cheshire, England, got some flak for taking his job a little too seriously when he issued a parking ticket for an ambulance that he claimed was parked illegally.

Cameraman Ian French captured on video the confrontation between the ambulance driver, who was on shift and wanted to get some water, and the parking attendant. French was just as upset as the driver and can be heard on the video calling the attendant an "idiot."

The incident happened outside a Tesco in North England on Tuesday. The ambulance driver was on call but wanted some water from the Kingsmead shop. Because of its size, the ambulance couldn't fit in a normal parking spot, so she stopped the vehicle on double yellow lines instead of occupying a designated handicapped parking spot. 

But the traffic warden would not budge.