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Source: Screenshot video by Kelly Duvall

Video Of Police Officer Helping Homeless Man Shave So He Could Apply For A Job At McDonald's Goes Viral

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

People are loving a video that shows Officer Carlson of the Tallahassee Police Department helping a citizen in need. The action may not have been the usual work of a police officer, but when Carlson saw a man named Phil struggling to shave his beard for a job interview, the kind policeman lent a hand.

It turns out Phil had just come from McDonald's, where he was told by the manager that in order to interview for a job, he would need to be clean shaven. Carlson overheard the conversation and stepped in to help by getting some clippers. Since there wasn't a mirror available, Carlson went the extra mile and played barber, too.

Kelly Duvall posted the video her daughter captured, and the example of simple human kindness has since gone viral. Everyone is rooting for Phil to get the job, and it seems a possibility.

The owner of the McDonald's, Raphael Vazquez, told CBS News:

We are always looking to hire those who go the extra mile at my restaurants and this gentleman has proven himself to be willing to do just that. We look forward to having him come in to complete the application process and sit for an interview.