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Source: Sara Cunningham (Facebook)

Oklahoma Mom Offers To Be A Stand-In Parent At Same-Sex Weddings—And The Internet Is All About It ❤️

By B. Miller

Oklahoma is widely known as a very anti-LGBT state. In May of this year, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed a bill into law "enabling taxpayer-funded adoption agencies to deny placement into LGBT homes" based on "religious freedom." 

But one Oklahoma mother of two has made it her personal mission to fight for the LGBTQ community.

Sara Cunningham has a gay son, Parker, and after he came out to her she went on a personal journey that "start[ed] with the Church and end[ed] at the Pride Parade." She is quite open about how she was not initially supportive of Parker. In a photo where she is brandishing an "I Voted" sticker, Cunningham wrote, "I never gave a rip about equal rights until my child didn't have any."

Cunningham is an ordained minister and LGBTQ advocate through Free Mom Hugs, an organization through the Expressions Community Center of Oklahoma City that brings together Moms who love LGBTQ kids to share stories and support. She is also the author of How We Sleep At Night: A Mother's Memoir.

She loves to officiate LGBT weddings in Oklahoma, and during her experiences at these weddings she has seen a sad commonality. Many of her brides and grooms do not have a supportive parent with them on their special day.

So she decided to take matters into her own hands.