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Source: Photo via The Huffington Post

25-Year-Old New Dad Gunned Down By Man Who Called His Friend A Racial Slur Outside Pennsylvania Bar

By Mike Walsh

25-year-old Chad Merrill was shot and killed on Saturday, July 21st, outside of the Red Rose Restaurant and Lounge in Hellam Township, Pennsylvania, after confronting a man who was hurling racial slurs at Merrill's friend, Jerrell Douglas.

Authorities say the confrontation began inside of the bar when James Saylor, 24, began screaming the n-word at Mr. Davis.  After being removed from the premises, Saylor fired a shot at Merrill, who was walking in the direction of his pickup truck.  According to the Associated Press, Merrill had had no previous contact with Saylor, and appeared to be making his way toward the truck to talk and make peace.