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Source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Jason Mraz Opens Up On His Sexuality And His 'Two Spirit' Experiences With Men

By Chet Dawson

Jason Mraz has been on the record as being "bisexually open-minded" since at least 2005. 

While having never been in a sexual relationship with a man, he'd had emotional relationships with them. In our new recognition of the spectrum of sexuality, his wife of three years, Christina Carano, helped him put a neat label on his identity that summed it all up for him. 

It does kinda seem that he cheated on his now-wife during the course of their relationship, but they're still very much a couple and he credits his identity to the term she brought to the table.

"Two Spirit" is a term coined in the 90s at a conference for gay and lesbian Native Americans as an open-ended term for an  open-ended identity - a person "embodying both male and female spirits". Mraz identifies with the idea of being "someone who can love both man and woman... I really like that.”

While he's emotionally committed to his wife, he'd penned a poem back in June to express solidarity with the LGBTQ community which featured a line that felt rather more than telling.