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Source: Lyle Coram (YouTube)

Awesome Dad Makes It Look Like Jurassic Park Is Right Outside Daughter's Window

By B. Miller

Lyle Coram is a 48-year-old Las Vegas local. He is a member of IATSE LOCAL 720, the local stagehand union, and he works at Paris and Bally's Las Vegas. Coram has recently taken his skills off of the stage and back home to give his daughter, Shelby (7) a surprise. Check it out.

Yes, you can believe your eyes. Coram brought Jurassic Park to Shelby's back yard. 

In the video you can see velociraptors running past, brachiosauruses eating leaves off of trees, and a triceratops. Shelby also got to use an oversized ball to play with a baby brachiosaurus, and what dinosaur adventure would be complete without a visit from a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

But Shelby is not the only one amazed by her dad's creation.